Coal Lease Management

Coal leases are different than other types of mineral leases, and managing coal leases is different than dealing with oil & gas, gold, or geothermal leases.

What: Coal Lease Management

Coal lease managment is essential to continued produciton.

Coal leases can be taken with government entities and private citizens, and both lessors and lessees have the responsibility of tracking these leases. The Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 gave the BLM the responsibility of coal lease management for approximately 570 million acres. Coal leases on lands in the United States with private individuals date back to the 1800s. And state agencies all over the country perform their own coal lease management tasks. But what about a coal mining company? Coal companies must perform coal lease management duties as well.

Who: Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services

Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services has conducted coal lease management duties for some great coal companies, such as the North American Coal Corporation and The American Coal Company, throughout the last two decades. Pettigrew & Pettigrew has seen so many changes in an industry often accused of being unchanging. And we know what it takes to enter and maintain a quality product that delivers to our clients all that a coal company needs from the people managing their leases.

How: Detailed Data Entry and Accurate Reporting

Coal production is essential to the American way of life!

Coal lease management is more than just typing numbers into boxes on a computer screen, it is keeping track of special provisions, knowing obligations, creating payment schedules, reporting on acreage, and more! With ever increasing regulations and pressure from the media, coal companies must be accurate in every aspect of their business, because they will be held accountable – this goes for both private and public companies. Pettigrew & Pettigrew not only keeps your records accurate, but helps you be as efficient as possible through easy to understand reporting and both physical and digital file systems.

Why: Coal Leases are Unique

A BLM lease in Wyoming, a state lease in New Mexico, and a private lease in Kentucky have important differences, and those coal leases must be managed differently. Proper coal lease management isn’t just being familiar with complex royalty calculations; it’s caring for the lifeblood of your company. Making sure that payments are not missed is critical to not losing assets or getting involved in a legal dispute. Pettigrew & Pettigrew can perform curative work as well, since coal leases tend to have long primary terms ownership changes are inevitable.

When: As Needed

Acting “On Demand” Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is able to perform coal lease management duties as the need arises, helping you get everything you need from a land department without staffing a dozen or more analysts and specialists full time. When you acquire new leases, send out 1099s, or divest some assets you will need more trained personnel making sure your needs are met; but most of the time simpler coal lease management tasks will need to be performed, requiring fewer team members. Pettigrew & Pettigrew is able to ramp-up and scale-down as required by your needs, keeping your costs down without sacrificing quality coal lease management.

Where: Anywhere

Coal Lease Management can be performed at our offices on our system or at your office via a remote connection to your network. Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services has used our internal application to perform coal lease management since its inception more than ten years ago; but sometimes clients want, or need, us to use their system. Our staff is ready and able to work on both commercially available software packages as well as proprietary land systems to manage coal leases efficiently.

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