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P&P provides unique Backoffice, Data Management and Field services that streamline the process of  your project. P&P Oil & Gas Solutions, LLC has established a methodical, cost-effective practices for managing critical information throughout the entire execution of a project using top industry software systems.

Our Solutions


Upstream Field Services

Minerals Management

Upstream Accounting

A.I. / ML for Oil & Gas

Land/DOI Administration

Midstream Acoounting

Midstream Services

Data Solutions

Artificial Intelligence 

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions’ team of highly skilled Lease, Land, Division Order, and GIS Mapping Analysts and Technicians are trained to use AI/Data Extraction methods to accomplish tasks faster and more accurate.

AI with Human-In-The-Loop analyzation is the best way to get data into your system. Lease Analyst use it to review leases faster and more accurate, Landmen use it to run title and look for details and automate processes, Accountants use it to extract data from AP and other documents to import into systems and so much more.

We have extensive knowledge and personnel that will be able to increase efficiency and get you more data than you have ever seen before therefore you can ask questions and run your business like never before. What used to take days, months sometimes years can now be Minutes, Hours, Day and Months. 

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