Vince Dawkins, President & CEO of Enertia Software

Last week, Enertia Software hosted iMPACT 2019.  iMPACT 2019 is the 20th Enertia User Conference, and the first one held in Las Vegas Nevada! Enertia is an oil & gas software package that focuses on land, accounting, production, and revenue aspects of the business.  A live stream of the general session by President & CEO, Vince Dawkins was made available to remote users.

Enertia wants to make an impact on its users, their companies, and the petroleum industry as a whole.  This user conference focused on examining the current user experience, explaining the future of the company and software, and educating users so that they can use the software to its fullest potential.  Enertia is focusing on improving the customer experience by being proactive with customers through outreach and education to improve engagement, service, and satisfaction.

people watching presentation
Everyone is All-Ears!

Some highlights from the general session include:

  • Enertia can incorporate data from external sources including ThoughtTrace, COMDATA, DrillingInfo, CXO, EnergyLink, and others.
  • There is a new menu for the Land Broker web app.
  • The redesigned land module data entry screens allows for single-page lease entry, auto-map generation, and automated deck creation.
  • You can add depths and formation information to tracts.
  • You can now perform Minimum Royalty calculations.
  • There have been several deck improvements, including an easy spreadsheet import.
  • There will be no more Access reports; users need to switch to SSRS reports. Enertia's Advanced Data Platform
  • Enertia Insights is utilizing Microsoft PowerBI to provide a dashboard for C-level executives and mangers that brings together accounting and engineering data for easy understanding.
  • Managed and unmanaged hosted environments on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are now available to companies wishing to utilize a cloud infrastructure for their Enertia system (Google Cloud is coming soon).
  • There are now hundreds of API calls that can be made to add new records, update existing records, and read data into another system securely.
  • Future major software updates will be rolling out on a new schedule, becoming available in March and September of each year.

WOW! This is going to be a good year!

2019 Enertia User Conference: iMPACT2019
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