Adobe is the de facto PDF reader and has set the bar high for PDF creators.  But Adobe Acrobat is about more than just making and displaying PDFs.  Our Adobe experts deliver high resolution, size optimized, OCR’d files with organized bookmarks for easy navigation – all of which displays in-browser for cloud users as well as in Adobe Reader for non-cloud users.

By completely replicating physical files in a digital format using the Adobe Acrobat product our lease analysts are able to work more efficiently, and you are able to easily find information you need.  Inversely, files that have already been scanned can be combined, broken apart, or edited as needed.  Leases, LPRs, assignments, checks, title opinions, and even handwritten notes are organized and indexed by our in-house Document Imaging Center; then the PDFs undergo
Optical Character Recognition, making them searchable and allowing readers to copy & paste their contents for use in other programs (such as Word documents and land system entries); bookmarks are added for to enhance navigation within the document; and lastly the documents are uploaded to either the P&P Cloud, a file sharing system the client has specified (such as Dropbox), emailed, or added to a drive/disc to be physically shipped where needed.

When P&P began our digital filing endeavors more than a decade ago many in the industry did not see the benefits of having lease folders and well files digitized, now it is hard to imagine a due diligence or leasing project where the files cannot be emailed between team members or uploaded to a central location.

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