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Last week, in Houston, was the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Oil & Gas Day event. Many topics were covered from Internet of Things (Iot) and Machine Learning (ML) to hosting environments & serverless processes. P&P Oil & Gas Solutions (P&P) attended.

P&P is always looking at how technology can augment our processes, expand our offerings, and benefit our customers. Any opportunity for education, we take it. And AWS Oil & Gas Day was very educational. There were several informative sessions. A couple stand-out talks were “Customer Journey: Hilcorp” by Bill Rothe (VP of IT, Hilcorp Energy Company) and the Deep Imaging track in the “Startup Central: Emerging Technologies in Oil & Gas” segment.

There were many great presenters, and fantastic venue!

P&P has been leveraging AWS since 2015 in various ways, and will be continuing to expand in that space. Oil and Gas Day 2019 is an asset to forward thinking companies in the energy industry and tech-focused employees.

For a schedule of the topics covered please visit https://pages.awscloud.com/NAMER-field-IND-oil-gas-cloud-symposium-2019-reg-event.html.

AWS helps us to bring together data from previously siloed sources.

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Kyle Souza is the resident Data Wizard at P&P where he helps people solve problems, generate custom reports, perform database conversions, implement cloud technologies, and utilize artificial intelligence & machine learning.

AWS Oil & Gas Day 2019
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