The Land & Contracts module of the Enertia Accounting & Financials Software for the Oil & Gas industry is a popular choice for many small and medium upstream companies looking for a lease-based land inventory system that integrates with an accounting package. P&P employees have both formal training and hands-on experience with Enertia. This mix of training and experience from both a technical and end-user perspective has allowed P&P to facilitate data conversions, data entry, and data cleanup within the Enertia Land & Contracts system.

enertiaEnertia is a lease based land management system, meaning that the contract is the focal point from a data organization standpoint. This translates to a more straight-forward data entry process initially, but leaves users with a more complex data management situation. Enertia can be used to track working interest, royalties, overrides, and mineral interest, but requires a knowledgeable and confident analyst to maintain the database. Transferring ownership, developing tracts because of a producing well, tracking PUGH clauses, and managing complex mineral ownership situations can be overwhelming to someone not familiar with the system. Because of these challenges and the costs associated with training existing staff or acquiring new team members more and more companies are choosing to outsource their land department needs.

Do you have a team ready to meet every need and overcome every obstacle that occurs between when your landman takes a lease and your accounting department needs to cut or receive a check for working interest partners and other parties? P&P Oil & Gas Solutions is able to fill that need (and more, such as JIB/Rev accounting and DOI).

Every land system has unique intricacies, Enertia is no exception; and even land departments with in-house lease analysts can benefit from a third-party consulting firm like P&P Oil & Gas Solutions. Some companies just need help with data conversions during an acquisition or after assigning interest to another party, others want a resource to call on when they are having trouble “making sense” of a set-up issue, while still more find even the numerous and customizable reports that come with the Enertia Land module lacking in some way or another.

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions is ready to handle your Enertia needs when it comes to data conversions, lease entry, contract maintenance, reporting, and GIS mapping!

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