Ironically, the digital oilfield still runs on paper.

This makes it a challenge to extract important data from land records, well files, and oilfield transactions.

And the sustained shale revolution creates an ever-increasing torrent of unstructured physical data and documents across the oil & gas value chain. Solve the paper data problem without hiring more staff and before competition or an economic downturn strikes.

Power your workflows with intelligent document processing. Built from three decades of experience working with oil and gas document data, Grooper is the most agile and powerful oil and gas data integration tool available.

Save time and increase profits by using technology to sustain momentum through boom and bust.

Power Up

With data extraction accuracy of 99%, Grooper is in a class of its own.

Drive faster, more informed oil & gas decisions with information you can rely on by leveraging digital and physical data sources for your data analytics.


In the digital oilfield, energy companies who leverage data most effectively will thrive and weather market storms.

Grooper delivers the critical data you need to accelerate workflows and end manual data entry.

Lower G&A Costs

Stop throwing money and people at the paper data problem and stop settling for inferior results.

Grooper does the job of an entire document processing department at a fraction of the cost while increasing processing accuracy.

Power Your Digital Oilfield with the Only Complete Solution

When it comes to extracting data from oil & gas land records, there is really only one option besides Grooper (if you only need to process land documents).

Yet the digital oil field and your unstructured data challenges expand far beyond the land department into drilling, A&D, field operations, midstream, marketing, pipeline integrity management, and even accounting.

And with the competition’s extraction accuracy around 50%, it’s no wonder oil & gas companies have settled for poor quality.

Don’t settle for limited, incomplete oil and gas document management. Put Grooper to the test and integrate all important data with accuracy rates up to 99% with zero coding and full transparency.

Keep hard-earned data in-house. With Grooper, you maintain

sole ownership of your documents and data.

Because why should competition benefit from the work you’re doing?

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