If you are familiar with Oil & Gas accounting software you have probably come across Integra from Avatar Systems. Integra has a tract-based land management module that allows exploration & production companies to track their leasehold. As with many other software packages, P&P Oil & Gas Solutions has been using the Integra system to manage properties and interests for clients.

“The Integra Energy Management System is the ultimate tool for managing the accounting and financial reporting of working and royalty interest ownership, drilling operations, exploration and development of properties for the oil & gas enterprise.” – www.avatarsystems.net


How useful would it be to have the best hammer in the world, but no one who could lift it? Is having the “ultimate tool” useful to you if you don’t have a staff that knows how to use it? By us remoting-in to your system or having a P&P team member at your office you can benefit from this great tool!

Integra is capable of tracking all sorts of land information, and P&P Oil & Gas Solutions is capable of entering and managing all of that data. Working Interest? Yep! Mineral Interest? Absolutely! Royalty decks? For sure! NPRIs? Not a problem! ORRIs? Ownership transfers? Depth severances? Yes, yes, yes!!!

Integra started as an Accounting only software but has expanded to include lease management, tract mapping, division order calculations, document management, data exports, and reports. P&P Oil & Gas Solutions started with only lease data entry, but now offers the full gamut of land administration services utilizing multiple software to meet the ever-increasing needs of our clients. If you have the Integra land-module and aren’t utilizing it to its full potential than your company may be missing out on some opportunities; here are a couple of simple examples:

  1. If you are not tracking working interest and burdens in a producing unit, how do you know that the Division Order your Working Interest Partner sent you is correct?
  2. By not entering lease clauses you may not be aware that every tract on a particular lease was held for a period after drilling on one of the tracts completed!

Would you like a second opinion on your current Integra Land database? Are you acquiring data from someone who used Integra and you use something else? Or maybe you use Integra and someone is sending you data exported from a different system? P&P can do all these and more with the Integra Energy Management System!

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