P&P’s resident Data Wizard, Kyle Souza, was the presenter at this month’s ALTA luncheon. ALTA is the Houston Association of Lease and Title Analysts, the local chapter to P&P of NATA (National Association of Lease and Title Analysts).  As a follow-up to a successful presentation last year on creating a dashboard in Excel, Kyle focused on how to combine spreadsheets into one succinct table.

Kyle Souza, wearing peach, talking spreadsheets.

Tuesday’s luncheon was a fun one where six grants were given away for chapter members to be able to attend this year’s NALTA conference and Westminster, Colorado.  After the giveaways, Kyle showed attendees how to use data from multiple spreadsheets to make a single table and answer questions such as:
• How many owners do we not have a Tax ID for?
• A Tract Summary
– How many current Mineral Owners are on each tract?
– The Gross Acres of each tract.
– The Net Acres of each tract owned by current Mineral Owners.
• Which Mineral Owners have leases that are HBP, and if not, do they have an Option to Extend?
• The Lease Name, Lease Date, and Recording Info of every lease associated with a particular well.

“It’s hard to learn a lot of tech stuff quickly. It’s easier to learn one or two Excel formulas and functions, and know exactly how to apply them to my job. So, rather than throw a bunch of data and technical terms at people, Kyle simply walked through what he would do to answer a question that any land manager could ask of their employee.” – Danalee Herring

The Petroleum Club in Downtown Houston.

P&P is a very involved in industry organizations; in fact, Joey King the Vice-President of Land at P&P is currently serving her first term as ALTA President and NALTA Conference Education Director, and will be running for reelection later this year.  Joey and two other P&P employees will be presenting at this year’s NALTA conference in Westminster, Colorado in August.

P&P is hosting a 3 hour Excel training for oil and gas people where Kyle we’ll also be presenting on June 27th at the Homewood Suites by Hilton North Houston in Spring, Texas. You can register on Eventbrite.

Kyle Souza, May 2019 ALTA Luncheon Presenter
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