Minerals Management

Managing Minerals is one of our specialties!

We have crafted a unique system of mineral setup and maintenance, to make sure all of your assets are given the care they need.  Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process, partnering with you to achieve your business goals.  P&P Oil & Gas Solutions has partnered with leading industry software solutions and we have the skills to expertly setup your minerals into the solution of your choice!  If you don’t already have a system, don’t worry! P&P can guide you every step of the way!

  • Properties/Deeds/Royalties
  • Tracts
  • Leases & Contracts
  • Wells
  • Division Order Decks & Maintenance
  • Revenue Check Statement Extraction
  • Represent Mineral Owners
  • Legal Services

Dashboard Reporting

Our online Dashboards and reports are at your fingertips so you can make decisions. know how much your wells make each month. See which wells are not paying and take action. You are in control of your minerals with P&P.

GIS maps of your wells with data tied directly to the AI Land data will prove a watchful owner makes sure no revenue is left behind.

Maintain & Verify Division Orders

Division Orders are the key to getting paid your royalties from the minerals you own. Making sure your operator is paying you the correct amount is your responsibility. Lets us help you watch your operators for correct payments.

Once confirmed we will notify you for signature and handle all digital and regular mail outs. 


Review Wells & Payments

We use state of the art technology and Artificial Intelligence to locate, asses and review your wells to make sure you are getting paid the most for your production. Stay on top of Shut-Ins and Well status. We will make sure your operator pays on time very time. 

Revenue Statements

Revenue checks are received monthly and it is the main source of all of your payment information on your producing property. It is important to track your revenue , taxes and deductions from you revenue. We use Ai and Machine learning to process your revenue checks into data that can be uploaded into any accountig system in any format CDEX, XLSX and more. 


Lease Negotiation & Maintenence

P&P has over 21 years of negotiating and leasing experience in every state that has ever produced oil & gas. We will fight hard for the best royalty,lease bonus, clauses and terms possible. We are landmen and we know the game.

Once the battle is done the land guardians take over using AI powered land programs to keep track of all of your obligations and lease needs.   

Correspondence& Communication

We handle all of he email, mail and correspondence for you. All while scanning all documents received and placing them  on our cloud for your  access and review

When it is time for us to connect we approach our clients with factual and strategic advice to make educated decisions that benefit you as a mineral owner. . 

Well Search and New Well Set up

Using state of the art AI and Machine Learning programs alng with the best Land & Accounting programs in the industry we can help you search and inquire as to production in your area, Locate wells on your properties that are not producing revenue, Contact Operators about well status’s and production information. 

Automate your Mineral Process

Through our Minerals dashboard and Cloud portal you can list your non-producing minerals, contact information, lease summary reports, copy of lease and more for landmen and buyers  from all over to contact you quickly and efficiently. Need a virtual data room to give access to possible buyers. Everything is automated all the way down to the digtal notary. This is the future of  land. We lcome to the 21st century.

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions