We use cutting edge AI and Machine Learning to automate our Oil & Gas Acccounting Services

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions offers Revenue Accounting as well as Joint Interest Billing services that are designed to cut the administrative and labor costs of maintaining a permanent Accounting staff in-house.  P&P has professionals with over 50 years of Oil and Gas business process experience to deliver the right level of services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.



Record Monthly Revenue

Prepare Monthly/Royalty Distributions

Prepare Monthly Revenue Accruals

Calculate & Distribute Net Profit Interest

Perform Account Reconciliation

Option to Net Revenue Distribution against JIB Invoices

Monitor Accounts Receivable Ageing Reports


Load Production Volumes

Perform Production/Revenue Volume Variance Analysis


Setup & Maintain JIB Schedules

Prepare Monthly Invoices to  Joint Interest Owners

Process Monthly COPAS Overhead

Prepare Monthly LOE & Capital Cost Accruals

Setup AFE’s

Enter Budget & Actual Cost Comparisons

Perform Account Reconciliation

We are WolfePak Experts

For clients already using WolfePak, we help streamline processes, reveal new features in your existing WolfePak data and maximize the use of your software. We can do it for you or train your team on how it works. Either way we will set you up for success with WolfePak ERP.

As a partner of WolfePak oil and gas accounting software, we are your experts in data conversion, implementation, and training. We will consult and work with your team to get your data out of the old system and into WolfePak. We develop custom dashboards, trending and forecasting models, automated month-end reporting and improvements to your records.

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions