P&P’s own Data Wizard, Kyle Souza, joins Ryan Ray!

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Last week Kyle Souza, P&P‘s Data Wizard, was featured on the Oil and Gas Contractor’s Connect podcast with Ryan Ray.  Ryan and Kyle spent a little more than 20 minutes talking not just about what P&P does for its customers, but about how many different Land systems there are out there for oil and gas companies to pick from. 

They also discussed some of the most notable recent software acquisitions that have been made in that space, as well as things that both Lessees and Lessors need to look out for in their oil, gas, and mineral leases.  As an avid podcast listener, Kyle was excited to participate in this interview.

Kyle Souza

“Ryan Ray has more than one oil & gas podcast, and I download them all each week.  I appreciate him having me on, and am already looking forward to our next interaction!”

– Kyle Souza

Ryan Ray

Podcaster and host of OGCC Podcast

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Episode Description: This week, we talked with Kyle Souza, a data specialist with Pettigrew and Pettigrew land services. Kyle talks to us about the fun of having his job, his passion for lease data, and what it’s like to work with Pettigrew and Pettigrew’s clients.

Oil & Gas Contractor’s Connect Podcast, Episode 13
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