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Some of the P&P team spent time down at the P2 Energy Solutions offices on Lamar St. in Houston, TX to learn more about how BOLO and iLandman are integrating together. Last year (2018), P2 acquired iLandman; a web-based land management system designed for land professionals by land professionals.

As a dedicated services company,
P&P believes in always improving and expanding our knowledge of industry
software.  Nearly the entire analyst and data staff at P&P is already
certified for iLandman data entry and reporting. We also have BOLO specialists
on staff that work with both land and accounting records in that system. 
Since we work with any oil & gas accounting software and every land
management system, staying abreast of advancements in these products is a key
differentiator of P&P from other energy consulting teams.

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The P2 staff was friendly and
informative.  Richard, Sarah, and Aaron did a great job of walking us
through the integration process.  There are a lot of differences between
iLandman and BOLO. While BOLO does have a land module, at its heart, it is an
accounting software package.  Using these two programs together gives P2
customers the “best of both worlds”. With this first phase of
integration , payments, AP invoices, and owner contact records can be created
in BOLO via iLandman exports. It is great to see that these two programs are
talking to each other without requiring duplicate data entry!

In our experience, tract-based systems
like iLandman are best from a reporting perspective, but do require more
detailed setup than lease-based programs.  GIS specialists like those at
P&P also appreciate iLandman’s intuitive mapping functions.

P2 - BOLO - iLandman
We came, we learned, we took pictures.

Some companies like to use systems
like these from P2 themselves, some want third-parties like us to do it all for
them, and some in-house departments just need help with the initial setup or
from time to time when a large leasing project, acquisition, or divestiture

If you have any BOLO and/or iLandman
needs (including data conversions), give us a call and see how we can be of

Phone: 281-465-0676

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P2 BOLO & iLandman Lunch & Learn
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