Initial Setup, Data Integration or Conversion

— P&P has you covered!

The Quorum Business Solutions Land Management System is used by many medium and large petroleum and natural gas companies, including every US supermajor. Quorum Land Management is a lease-based system that can be utilized to manage leases, produce division orders, and create reports and maps. However, no reports and maps can be made without data being in the system, and keeping that data up-to-date is a must for those reports and maps to be of any value.  P&P Oil and Gas Solutions clients have needed to get data into Quorum from other systems, out of Quorum for other systems, and entered into Quorum to stay in Quorum – and chances are that if you’re reading this, one of those scenarios matches what you need now.

Quorum Business Solutions likes to focus on efficiency, simplicity, and integration to provide the best return on investment (ROI) while minimizing risk. These values are right in-line with the core values of P&P. Without proper data entry and upkeep you cannot have accurate reports. Without a knowledgeable and experienced analyst entering, tracking, and updating data, you cannot run your company using any land system, especially one as multi-faceted as Quorum Land. If your company has Quorum Land, P&P Oil & Gas Solutions is able to act as a full-service land department or provide specific services as needed from project-to-project.

Data Conversions & Data Entry

If you need to get data into Quorum, then deciding between doing a data conversion and entering the data manually is your first step. Depending on the how the data looks, P&P has advised different clients different ways. For some companies manual setup is the most efficient solution because information they want tracked was missing from existing exports, which creates time allowance issues after the conversion. Other times, at least a partial conversion can be done – such as, just parties/contacts (names & addresses) – if not the whole data set; but there is always something that is needs to be done manually after the conversion… No two companies have their databases setup exactly the same.

Land Administration

Maintaining a database is a time consuming task that requires diligence and expertise. Some companies handle this in-house after P&P has assisted with the data conversion or entry, many P&P customers continue using P&P after the initial setup is complete to ensure a high quality database that is always production-ready, sale-ready and report-ready.


Quorum offers a set of standard reports and ad-hoc reporting capabilities so that custom reports can be created as-needed.

Are you in need of a land professional with Quorum experience? Are you acquiring data from a Quorum user? Do you need to transfer data to a Quorum user and don’t know how to handle a cross-system conversion? Do you need to make sure that your database is capturing all the information you need and the data is set-up correctly? If you need any of these or another Quorum Land service then call P&P Oil & Gas Solutions so we can help you maximize your ROI and utilize Quorum the way you need to!

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