On 04/28/2020 P&P Oil & Gas Solutions and its Partner Grooper loaded 2400+ Oil and Gas Lease Packets into our Artificial Intelligence/Data Extraction software and the results were astounding. Those 2400+ packets contained over 133,000 pages of information, 22,000 documents covering 3 states, specifically Montana, Ohio and Texas. By using Intelligent Document Processing we extracted over 70 Oil & Gas Lease Clauses with accuracy and exported them to excel to analyze or upload into your software of choice. This was part one of a five part webinar series we are hosting with our partner Grooper this year. A link to the webinars is below.


We have worked for over 20 years manually keying in Oil & Gas Lease packets into many different software’s over the years. From WolfePak Landpro, P2iLandman, Quorum Land On Demand and many more entering the data accurately has been our goal. It takes a team of experienced lease analyst weeks, months, sometimes years to enter the data depending on the size of the job. There have been many ways we have been asked to enter this data as well. We have been asked to “Just enter the info from the LPR in the land system.” “Go by what the Landman lease schedule says for the net acres.” “These leases are all the same so can’t we just set one up and copy the details to save time?” All of these ideas seem good until later you ask your land system to give you data and it is not correct or even worse not there. Then you have Data Conversions as a way to get data from one land system to another however you must always trust the last analyst or analyst’s who did the job before. With the ups and downs of the Oil & Gas industry there have been many job losses and gains over the last 10 years. this has had a negative impact on data conversions because each analyst would do it their own way or change the standard operating procedures affecting uniformity and how things are set up in each system. To add to the already complex nature of our business, systems are not the same. Data conversion from Tract to Lease based or Lease to Tract based databases could also complicate things.

Oil & Gas Lease and Division Order Analyst

Those days are now over and the future is here. P&P Oil & Gas Solutions powered by Grooper can now analyze your Oil & Gas leases, Title Opinions, Mineral Ownership Reports, Lease Data Sheets, Plat Maps, Correspondence, Payment Information, Title Documents and more. We combine our excellent lease and division order analyst with Grooper to automatically extract data from your documents, review them for accuracy, make corrections on the spot and export the data to excel, CSV or the data system of your choice. We can even upload directly into many land systems on the market. Our processes are allowing Lease analyst to ANALYZE information instead of performing data entry, increasing efficiency up to 900%. Identify EVERY provision you want from a lease. Distinguish minor details in text and phrases that lead to very different interpretations. Find more results using full-text search to locate specific content in a document repository. Create consistent data sets and give your users the ability to perform more granular searches. Do not limit the number of tracts you can capture. Put P&P Oil & Gas Solutions and Grooper to work! Take a look at some of the data we can extract.

Identify Hidden Provisions/Clauses

• Assignment Clauses

• Depth Restrictions

• Vertical/Horizontal Pugh Clauses

• Mother Hubbard Clause

• Shut-In

• Damages

• Termination/Breach

• Notices

• Continuous Development

• Offset

• Continuous Drilling

• Cessation Of Production

• Deductions

• Minimum Royalty

• And Many More. We have over 70 Oil & Gas Lease Clauses pre loaded.

Recognize Attributes from Each Tract of Land

• Section, Township, Range

• Block, Lot, Subdivision

• Parcel Number

• Acres

Find and Label Key Dates

• Recording Date

• Effective Date

• Primary Term Length

• Extension Period

We are ready to show you the future of Oil & Gas Backoffice. Contact us today to find out more info@ppogs.com

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