Coal leases cannot be handled the same as oil and gas leases.  For starters, they often have longer primary terms, more complex royalty calculations, and provisions you will not find in any other kind of mineral lease.  Pettigrew & Pettigrew has done work for multiple coal companies, ranging from simple data entry and reporting on acquisitions and new leases to sending out 1099s.  Advanced royalty payments, online file availability, tracking recoupables, acreage and production status reports, and title curative are just a few of the services Pettigrew & Pettigrew is able to offer a coal company.

coalCoal has been used in North America since before the founding of the United States, and is the most abundant fuel source we have!  Each year more regulations are proposed, but demand for coal only increases, domestically and internationally.  The Pettigrew & Pettigrew staff are trained to properly handle the nuances of a coal lease as well as stay abreast of relevant new regulations.

Do you need your leases entered into a land system to be SOX compliant?  P&P is familiar with the needs of a publically traded company and the precision needed not only in data entry, but also in logging the changes and updates that are made.  Do you need standardized, easy-to-understand reports to assist in making critical decisions?  Weekly, monthly, and on-demand reports are available to all our customers.  Do you need reminders of upcoming payment obligations?  Do your needs fluctuate as your business progresses day-to-day?  Yes, and Pettigrew & Pettigrew can meet those changing needs!  It gets harder and harder to keep knowledgeable and experienced employees on staff, and many companies are turning to third-party service providers such as P&P to fill this gap.

As you strive to continue providing an essential product to the American populace Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services is ready to assist you with your land records in the most efficient way possible!

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