GIS Mapping and Tract Creation Services

GIS Data When You Need It!

GIS Mapping for the oil and gas industry and other energy sectors is different than GIS mapping for other industries.  P&P Oil & Gas Solutions is ready for these unique challenges and the nuances specific to Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream mapping projects.  GIS mapping differs from traditional mapping because it is data driven.  Not only can you have a simple plat map, but you could see an entire prospect’s worth of tracts on a single map, and color-coded by expiration quarter, allowing you to make better-informed leasing and development plans. With an accurate and dynamic visual aide,  you can also compare your working interest in various leases to better determine your desired Unit boundaries, or a multitude of other improved vantage point scenarios.

Custom Maps

  • Leasehold Maps
  • Presentation Maps
  • Plat Maps

Data Layers

  • Production Maps and Layers
  • Well & Drilling Data
  • Geology and Depth Layers

GIS Setup & Maintenance

  • Digital Maps in various formats
  • Shapefile and Geodatabase Creation
  • Polygon import & linking

Administrative Maps

  • Lease Expiration Maps
  • Payment and Special Obligation Maps
  • Parcel and Ownership Layers

P&P Oil & Gas Solutions empowers your business with GIS maps to better understand and utilize your oil and gas lease holdings.  P&P utilizes the Esri ArcGIS mapping platform, as well as other GIS software, which allows us to interface with any land data set and create a variety of customized maps for your projects.  

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