A Full-service Land Administration Department at your disposal

Our team of highly skilled Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, and GIS Mapping Technicians are available to your organization in supporting your efforts to manage your land records. We also offer due diligence services, preparation of legal documents, and title curative.

Lease Record Services We Provide:

  • Input Leases, Contracts and Wells into a fully integrated Tract-Based Land Management System
  • Review and analyze leases for vital clauses and obligations; and various reports on clauses and obligations
  • Calculate Gross Working Interest (GWI), Net Revenue Interest (NRI), Overriding Royalty Interests (ORRI) on a lease basis and by depth
  • Set up and maintenance of complete land, contract, and well files
  • Order recorded documents through county clerks or abstract companies
  • File instruments to be recorded
  • Lease Bonus, Delay Rental, and Shut-In Royalty Payments
  • Research for mineral and company net acreage
  • Research Title Opinions for curative requirements and obtain documentation for curative
  • Handle all third-party correspondence for maintenance of lease records
  • Work with your lease brokers, attorneys, abstractors, and landowners as needed
  • Extensive Reporting covering Acreage Reports, Payment Obligations, Special Obligations, Lease Schedules and other Land Management Reports available by Tract or Lease basis
  • Scan any and all land related documents and view, print, or share them online from any computer or mobile device with password protected access

There are many benefits to outsourcing your land administration needs.  By outsourcing your land department you are not only removing a full-time employee or employees from your payroll (and saving on all the costs in addition to the salary associated with employing someone), but you are also getting a staff or trained professionals ready to your needs on an “as desired” basis.  Some companies use a land database as a simple inventory system, others want to maximize its potential by tracking special provisions in leases, creating division orders, maintaining wells, and managing farm-out & farm-in situations.  The staff of P&P Oil and Gas Solutions is capable of delivering a project based on your needs anywhere on that spectrum, from standardized data entry to extraordinary reports and complete land records administration.

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