We have published three sets of lexicons for use in Grooper on Grooper Xchange, the Grooper user forum! Here is a brief description of each:

Texas Operators: List of every entity that reported production to the Texas Railroad Commision in 2019

Texas Survey Names: List of over 221,000 survey/abstract names in Texas for use in legal description parsing.

Several BLM related lexicons
BLM Offices: This is a list (with translation) of the BLM state and district offices and resource areas (including forests and scenic areas).
Federal Property Status: List of which department is managing a property.
Federal Status: Group that the land is dedicated to.
First Division Types: Types of polygons found in PLSS First Division data sets.
Meridian Names: Translatable list of meridian numbers into names.
Meridian Numbers: Translatable list of meridian names into numbers.
Other Property Status: Alternative entry to Federal Property Status, usually comes into play when state and/or private lands are included in a federal dataset for some reason.
Property Status: A combination of “Other” and “Federal” Property Status lexicons.
Quarter-Quarters & Lots: Translation of spelled-out descriptions of halves, quarters, quarter-quarter, and lot descriptions into the BLM shorthand.
Reverse US State Abbreviations (W\PartialMeridians): Translatable list of state names into abbreviations and the meridian number if that state falls entirely in one meridian.
Second Division Types: Types of polygons found in PLSS Second Division data sets.
Section Numbers: Possible numbers of sections, with single digits converted into double digits
Special Survey Codes: Translatable list identifying special survey types.
State to Meridian (Simple): Translatable list of state abbreviations into their meridian, if only one meridian exists for that state (contains 10 states).
Subsurface Rights: Translatable list of rights codes into their full description, ex. URT=Uranium and thorium
Survey Types: Translatable list of survey codes, mixes some first division, second division, and special survey codes, but is not comprehensive of the three lists.

Download Link: https://xchange.grooper.com/discussion/109/lexicons-available-for-download#latest

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