accounting has been around for a long time.
MS1717, © The Schøyen Collection, Oslo and London © THE SCHØYEN COLLECTION, OSLO AND LONDON

The oldest piece of writing we have with a name on it is from about 3200 BC; the name is Kushim.  It is believed that Kushim was a record keeper, an accountant, and on this particular tablet he was booking receivables – a shipment of barley.  Here’s a link to a NatGeo article about it.

Nowadays ledgers are a bit more complex –contracts, government regulations, and technology have moved us away from clay tablets, but the core is the same, “What product is being sold, for how much, and who gets the money?”

Having people, processes, and software in place to handle bookkeeping, joint interest billing, revenue distribution, regulatory reporting, 1099 processing, and payroll is a must for every oil and gas company.  Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services has those things in place, ready to be used by your company.  Maybe you need a whole accounting department, maybe you just need to supplement your existing staff at the end of the year to handle 1099s, or maybe you made an acquisition and need data to be reviewed.  Whatever your accounting needs are, P&P can handle them.

Are you confident enough in your records to write them in stone?

The Oldest Profession in the World… is Accounting?
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