In this episode we will talk more about the Intellese Lease Analyzer powered by Grooper an discover all of the many systems that it an import into. We will look at the software from their website, watch some videos and even see some demos. if you want to chat or learn more contact me at

This week we will dive into more about the Intellese Lease Analyzer powered by Grooper, Check out their website and how to sign up. Also intellese gave us at P&P a sneak peek at the Mineral Ownership Report, Lease Data Sheet and Lease Purchase Report analyzers.

This week we cover Wolfepak LandPro and all of its capabilities for Land Management. LandPro is a Tract based system with a spiderweb of information as all data connects across the system. It is a great land management system and has a handy DOI addition to calculate royalty payments. Add the GIS and accounting modules and you have a enterprise level system on your hands.

In this video we will showcase and overview a new product by Intellese called the Lease Analyzer powered by Grooper. It is a SaaS A.I./ Data Extraction system that will automatically gather information such as dates, lessor, lessee, county, state, legal descriptions, lease clauses, recording information and so much more! With this software, users can make changes to data on the fly and enter custom notes for better accuracy and overall integrity of data. This is going to change the capabilities oil & gas landmen, lease analyst, land techs and other land professionals.With this tool you, can process leases into a database or land system up to 6X’s faster than an oil and gas analyzer. The best part about this is that you are in control. It is a tool for the land professional not a replacement.

In this Webinar Wednesday we will talk Hurricane Laura and its effects on offshore wells in the gulf of mexico.We will learn about tracts of land, How they cam about in the USA, different survey systems and set up a tract from an Oil & Gas Lease in Wolfepak Landpro.

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